We're a skilled, flexible and responsive manufacturer of bent / manipulated tube and welded assemblies.



TPE manufactures and develops bent / manipulated tube and welded fabrications from one-off batch runs to low and high-volume production for all industries.

We handle a diverse range of tube and pipe manipulation from 4mm - 100mm diameter. With the added capability of a 6-metre bed for sizes 4-30mm, ideal for extra-long applications, 1D, twin stack, boost capability from 30-100mm and the advantage of left and right-handed machines up to 76mm. 

With vast experience, expertise, tooling and capabilities our projects span from Tier 1 supply of completed assemblies and part assemblies through to Tier 2 / 3 supply of individual fabrication elements.

At TPE, we also have the ability to offer a range of tube forming techniques, such as: swelling, reducing, flaring and beading across a number of different materials ranging from brass all the way up to high grade stainless steel.